Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Quick History

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I remember it like it was just yesterday; my first trip to Walt Disney World. 

Okay, that's not completely true. I can only recall a few things; the others I can gather from photos. One thing I do remember is getting into trouble for playing with sandcastle building toys. Of course: this was highly ironic because the toys were there for us to play with. Obviously, I was going to do just that! This was at the Beach Club resort in Walt Disney World almost fourteen years ago. That boggles my mind! 

It's crazy what we remember from our days as wee little children. Most of it is totally random. I don't even remember meeting a single character or riding a ride from that trip; only splashing around in the resort pool with the sparkling white sand beneath my toes. It's also quite funny how certain smells, sounds, or tastes can bring us back to that memory and we can reminisce for a moment. That's how Disney feels for me. Really; all of it is like holding onto the magic of my childhood, the days of mermaid swimsuits and 7pm bedtimes. Every time we go back to the magical land, we visit a Disney Store, or we simply go to the movies; I am filled with a gleeful spark of joy. Who can resist the ethereal magic of Disney? 

We've gone as much as we could ever since that first trip. Every time someone in the family recommends we try something new; we are drawn back to Walt Disney World. It's almost like it's our favorite vacation spot! That it is, but it's also so much more. It's a place where everyone in my family can be themselves and simply have fun. There's a beautiful range of different ages- my youngest brother will be two in May of 2017 and my twin sister and I will be driving by the end of this year- yet Disney has something to suit everyone. That's the beauty of it! 

Every single one of my friends and family members know me as the "Disney lover" and the one to come to for information or tips. Perhaps that's the true motivation behind this lovely blog; sharing my love of Disney with the world. I hope to share a bit of joy and magic with you to brighten up your day, even if it's just for a moment!

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